Authake for CakePHP 2.2.3 is finally out!

The most easy to use authorization plugin is finally out with tremendous changes.

To dovnload & contribute:

For install instructions and feedback, please go to Authake home page:

Newest features are:

  1. Totally new look & feel. New interface using twitter bootstrap library<br/>
  2. Generated schema file to use cache schema create
  3. Total adaptation to CakePHP 2.2.3
  4. Totally new Dashboard
  5. Gravatar Support
  6. Better alerts
  7. Beautiful navigation and breadcrumbs
  8. html5shiv support for older browsers
  9. Dropdown lists for commands
  10. Help file with regex information
  11. Settings page (needs some effort)
  12. Better readme files with markdowns

Further changes are here for your contribution:

  • sha1 security
  • long id’s
  • settings save issue
  • For questions and issues: Mutlu Tevfik Kocak mtkocak(at)